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Brad’s long career as a performer gives him a unique teaching style that focuses on classical training, but also on chords, charts, improvisation, ear training, performance styling, and practice techniques that encourage fast progress, and an emphasis on enjoying the process. He also is an examiner for the Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music, and offers Royal Conservatory Exam preparation.


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Now accepting new students, ages 6 years to adult.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes open now!

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Brad Dean Alexander began piano lessons at 7 years old and started teaching piano lessons at 15 years old. He has since taught in over 20 GTA schools with the CBAM (

Due to Covid 19 all in person classes have been suspended.

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Rate for Zoom piano lessons: $1 per minute ($20 minimum) I can play along with my students and/or accompany them. My webcam can also be directed at my piano keys and hands so students can see exactly what I am teaching them, and they can imitate what they see and hear.

30 minutes / Single Lesson


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Brad Dean Alexander has worked for Carnival Cruise Lines since 2004 and is now one of the senior piano bar entertainers. His extensive performance career gives him a unique teaching style that focuses not just on classical training but also on chords, charts, improvisation, ear training, performance styling, and practice techniques that encourage fast progress with an emphasis on enjoying the process.


years old playing piano


years old teaching piano


plus GTA Schools


plus years teaching piano

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Sean S.

Thanks Brad - I really enjoyed our first couple of Piano lessons and I hope to continue-- Your thoughtful encouragement particularly around My songwriting is really appreciated!

Valerie K.

I was lucky enough to have brad as my piano teacher at St. Anselm elementary. Brad always made me feel good about playing, learning, and practising piano. Now in my 20s, I have new music goals and have asked brad for piano lessons once again. He is just as amazing at teaching me as an adult as when I was a child. I look forward to each weeks’ fun, productive lesson.

Hema M.

Brad taught my children piano.  He gave them the foundations of music.  He is a great teacher with patience and a sense of humor to deal with children.  He is a wonderful musician knowing his music, very talented and a great singer!

Meg M.

Charming, flexible and patient.  It was a lucky day for us when we found Brad.

Ruth F.

Brad is the best person I know. Everyone should have the lucky chance to be entertained by him. He is funny, witty, massively talented and really really sweet all at the same time. I always feel better just by being around him. He is a great musician with about a hundred thousand songs in his fingers and heart!


5 Stars!  I think he’s a very nice teacher.  I learn stuff

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