Students will need:

Skype / Zoom / FM Messenger etc. account

Practice instrument (keyboard with at least 61 full-sized keys or a piano. Stand/tripod to hold phone/tablet in place over the keys so I can see their hands (right side up) or a webcam (I have a recommended one from for under $60)

Suggested book that will be available at or at a local music store.  I will have the same book so we will always be literally on the same page. Lessons can be at the student’s convenience as there will be many times available

I recommend having a 30 minute lesson with me in my studio once a month (if geographically possible) or whenever needed.  The same fee applies, so it would be $30, which is lower than my regular in-studio rate.

Students can work at their own pace and be coached to practice effectively.

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October 12, 2017